The incredible enigma of the IT crowd.

There are times when a TV show comes along that suddenly defines and launches a series of careers for a very talented group of actors. This is the case with the IT crowd. Written by Graham Lineham, part of the duo that wrote Father Ted (another brilliant series) created the adventures of a 3 team IT department stuck in the basement of the office of Reynholm Industries. While the team of Moss, Roy and Manager Jen are not a very good IT team to call upon whereas an IT Support Cheltenham based company such as are more than capable and able to help with your support. The IT crowd soon became a cult hit and continues to be repeated on all of the Channel Four formats.

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The programme is well known for being the launchpad for several of the casts now stellar careers. The main beneficiary of the shows success was Chris O’Dowd who played Roy. After the show was done he went to Hollywood and made the extremely funny Bridesmaids which has led on to him becoming a staple in many films. Richard Ayoade, playing the socially inept Moss, found the show allowed him to direct his own film and put him on the map with the public. So much so he found that the Gadget Man and subsequent Travel man series came his way along with the prestigious reboot of the Crystal Maze. Katherine Parkinson as Jen was able to do drama outside of comedy field receiving many plaudits for her work on the futuristic Channel 4 drama Humans. Along with the three main characters the recurring appearance of Noel Fielding, straight after the Mighty Boosh, help to raise his profile so much so that he now presents one of the most watched programmes on television The Great British Bake Off.

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There were others as well. It had a big help from a comedy giant in the shape of Chris Morris as Denholm Reynolds. Previously a very controversial figure Morris scaled down and calmed down a little bit from his usual spikey acerbic roles. As he was something of a hero to Fielding and Ayoade who had worked with him in the past as the next generation of British comedians, Also in the show was the super talented Matt Berry. Another young gun of British comedy as Denholms son Douglas. He too would go on to great things with the BAFTA nominated Toast of London.

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