The joy of plastering.

Is there anything more therapeutic than plastering a stone or brick work wall? Probably, but just bear with me a minute and let me explain what I mean. Imagine that you have a brick wall. It’s all uneven and lumpy and you would very much like to paint it. Now, also imagine that the only way you are going to get this done is by applying this super smooth sticky substance, evenly spread. on it like putting butter on bread. See what I mean?

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It’s not something that goes through the heads of the Plasterers Gloucester based company as it’s their day job and they are very good at it. However, if it was me I’m sure that I would get a zen like feeling as I turned something rough into something very smooth.

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You need to have a bit of plaster on the walls so that you can get a nice bit of paint on there for decoration and definitely if you are thinking of applying some wallpaper. The job needs to be done properly otherwise you’ll have lots of rough bits and this could skag the wallpaper. It is an essential part of the home’s look.

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