The most famous fireplaces in the real and non-real world.

Whilst they are not as common as they were, it was always the fire place where the family came together and discussed the day’s events or made those deep decisions that would affect them for years to come. It was a place of comfort and warmth where you could feel safe and a place of trust with your kith and kin and the light keeping away the darkness and the cold. There is no surprise then that some of the most iconic scenes in film fiction and books takes place by the fireside. Fiction or not it’s a rather important thing to keep your logs safe and a Metal Log Holders like the ones at you can see provide a super addition to the fireplace and hearth if you have one.

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  1. The fireplace in Gryffindor Tower common room. This huge fireplace is the scene of many celebrations and dramatic events for Harry, Ron and Hermione. They also spend many happy hours there chatting and discussing events plus basking in their close friendship. However, it is the starring role of the fireplace when it is used by Harry’s Godfather Sirius Black to communicate to him and his friends Sirius’s coming and goings and the events outside of Hogwarts.
  1. The Smoking Room in the Titanic. Used to great effect in the film but also a real fireplace, this was a room in the second-class traveller’s area that was still as ornate in its appearance as the one in first class. It was the only one on the ship that could take coal and those men left on board kept it going and played cards to keep themselves occupied whilst they waited for the inevitable end of this mighty liner.

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  1. A deeply iconic Christmas film is Home Alone. Real fires and Christmas are synonymous together and the tale of Kevin left to his own devices and desperately trying to defend his home from thieves has delighted audiences for years. The families’ fire place all decorated and with a nice flame show how beautiful a fireplace can be at Christmas.
  1. Not always the scene of something nice the fireplace is used as a weapon of torture in the book and film Tom Browns school days. Few will forget the traumatic scene where Tom’s nemesis Flashman, an unpleasant school bully, demands a ticket from Tom that the younger boy has bought. He then “roasts” him, holding him near a roaring fireplace unit the young Tom relents and gives it to him.

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