The perfect time to prepare your home for winter

When it is warm outside and you’re enjoying the sun’s rays the last thing you want to think about are the dark days of winter. But this is precisely the time you should be thinking about getting your home prepared for the impending cold. Freezing pipes, blocked gutters, leaks and faulty boilers are all much easier to fix and maintain when it’s not icy outside.

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Check for leaks that let in drafts. Most of these will be located around windows and doors. This can be done with a plastic window insulation solution around windows easily enough. Look to other areas that might not be immediately obvious, such as around light fittings, plumbing, utility installations and even spaces in the attic where heat can easily escape.


If you live in an area where freezing pipes are an issue, then you’ll need to consider insulating them in the summer months. According to the American Red Cross, you can do this by keeping the heating on all the time so that pipes don’t freeze. This may result in higher energy bills, but it will cut down on the chances of costly repair jobs further down the line.

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Check your boiler

Make sure your boiler is in correct working order. You don’t want to have to do costly emergency repairs and looking for emergency boiler installation in Bristol should your boiler go on the blink in the middle of December. Ensure that its servicing is up to date, that filters have been changed and that the unit is properly vented if you want to avoid any build-up of combustible byproducts in your home. You can do this by contacting a professional such as if you want to ensure things are done correctly. While you’re at it, check the carbon monoxide detector is in good working order.


Clearing out the gutters and checking them for leaks in winter can be a horrible task, which is why it is much better to carry out this process during the summer months. Gutters can fill with twigs, leaves and other detritus, which can then cause overflows, leaks and even cause gutters to fall off buildings. Even an insignificant leak can lead to damaged ceilings and structural damage if left unchecked.

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