The proven benefits of installing soffits and fascias

When the exterior of your property is looking weather-worn or causing problems for the interior, then you may be told you need to replace the fascia boards, soffits or guttering. Whilst most people are aware of the importance of guttering for acting as a drainage system, fewer peoples are aware of what the benefits are for installing fascias and soffits?

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What fascias do

The gutters and downpipes drain water from the roof to prevent leaks and moisture, which could cause damp problems. Installing fascias alongside guttering is easy to do. With fascias and soffits, it is possible to improve the ventilation inside a building by putting air vents in. This certainly is worth investing in for attics, and it reduces the risk of moisture or condensation. Together, these roof elements prevent water leakage and penetration in any doors or window frames.

The fascia board carries all the guttering and is the long straight board running along the lower edge of the roof. So primarily, the main purpose of fascia boards is to hold the roof’s gutter, which is no mean feat, when you think how much and how heavy this can be during a storm. However, these boards will also enhance the external appearance of your home. The appearance of the roof will look more cohesive and there are plenty of designs and finishes to choose from, to suit your taste and the appearance of your home.

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Fascia boards are an investment because they are long-lasting, visually appealing and help protect your home. They can be inexpensive, depending on which material you choose. For instance, wooden boards can be fairly inexpensive, but will need regular re-painting. UPVC fascia boards are a very affordable option, are very tough, and do not need repainting or maintenance. You can choose your styles and colours from a firm such as and then let your UPVC fascia boards do their job, confident that they will not require any extra effort from you.

Why does a property need soffit boards?

These run across the underside of your roofline and protect the underside of the rafter feet. They often have a highly-polished surface which acts as a seal against water damage. Their purpose is really cosmetic, as they can hide the unsightly appearance of the rafters.

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