The things people worry about when deciding whether a relative should go into a home

If your family have been talking about whether an elderly loved one should receive more permanent care, you are probably feeling a wide range of often conflicting emotions. From relief and certainty to guilt and sadness, it’s a tough decision that is made harder if the person in question is also confused or upset. Here are some of the worries you might be experiencing:

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They will be lonely – Whilst there will normally be a period of adjustment as with any move, they will be kept busy with carers, activities and quite possibly, making new friends that they wouldn’t have met otherwise. For Care Homes Leicester, visit a site like Sanders Senior Living, a top provider of Care Homes Leicester.

They will be angry with me – They might object initially but any hard feelings will most likely be forgotten when they realise they are getting the care they need and feel more secure and comfortable. After a period of adjustment for all involved, you will both see that the move was for the best.

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I feel like I’m letting them down – Wanting what’s best for someone is a long way from letting them down. You might feel that it should be you taking care of them, they are family after all. However, nobody can hold down a job, look after children, do housework and care full-time for an elderly relative. You would be doing them a disservice through being exhausted, stressed and perhaps even a little resentful.

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