The thoughts of the Richard Gilmore Group

Stung by hurt after being managed out of a company that he helped to build, Richard Gilmore probably had a lot to consider when he decided, rather than retire to strike out on his own. What was doubly galling for this proud man was that he had been removed using a technique he had pioneered. This was to say to an elder employee that, to lighten their load could a younger, inexperienced staff member take over a few things? Slowly the younger person begins to take the reins away from the older staff member until they either get the hint and retire or just accept things.

Richard had tried retirement and it hadn’t suited him. He had always worked since leaving Yale University and he struggled, as many do, with the sudden lack of purpose that he found. To begin with he tried reading and restoring a vintage car, but he soon became tired of the many viscous fluids that he coated himself with and the car stubbornly refused. The last straw was when he was basically sent to Stars Hollow for the day to spend it with his dear daughter Lorelai and his beloved granddaughter Rory. It was obvious that his wife Emily wanted him out of the house.

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So, risking his pension and future security Richard Gilmore decided to set up in the insurance business he so loved on his own. Stood in his new office he realised that the first thing it needed was sprucing up. “if only I knew of some Office Cleaning Cheltenham companies”, like the website he’d seen at he thought then realised they were hundreds of miles away and that it would be much better if he used a firm in Maine instead. He briefly thought about asking Lorelai to “hook him up” as she would say in her weird modern vernacular. The girl spoke far too fast sometimes but she was smart and successful, despite her little indiscretion at 16. Even then that indiscretion had given him Rory and for that he was eternally grateful. His Granddaughter was destined for great things and would surely exceed all of them in what she would do.

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One thing that being in insurance had taught him was that you play the percentages and always make sure that the customer knew what he was getting. This was what he had decided the Richard Gilmore group would stand for, integrity and honesty, something that his old boss Floyd was willing to play fast and loose with at times. How he hated the man right now. He wasn’t overly keen on his son Jason either. Yes, young “Digger” was set to be the man to replace Richard but he’d seen that coming.

The phone rang, his new secretary answered. The intercom buzzed. “Yes, what is it Marcie?”, answered Richard. “It’s a Mr Jason Styles, Mr Gilmore. He’d like to arrange a meeting with you?” Said Marcie. Well, well, well thought Richard, what does this entail I wonder. It looked like the Gilmore Group was going to be an interesting time.

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