Three reasons to get your boiler serviced

It’s easy to assume that only old boilers need regular servicing, but this is not the case. Even new models should be regularly serviced to ensure they’re in perfect working order. Even with a boiler that appears to be working just fine, providing hot water and toasty rooms, there might be small underlying problems that could lead to future hassle and expense. Here are three solid reasons to arrange a regular, annual boiler service, for all makes and models.

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Winter is coming

It might still feel like summer, or winter might be on the way out, but sooner or later it’s going to get cold again, it’s going to get wet again, and it might even snow. Winter would, of course, be the worst time for a boiler breakdown, but ice cold showers in summer are no fun either. Regular servicing means that any problems can be detected early, and easily fixed and dealt with. For old and newer boilers, regular servicing keeps your trusty boiler working efficiently and ensures savings on your bills.

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Servicing costs less than replacement

Regular maintenance keeps your boiler in tip top condition. Little problems can be fixed easily and quickly by your engineer, and not at major cost. Do a quick internet search for plumbers Dublin to find your local engineer. Regular servicing keeps your boiler under warranty, saving you costs should you need major repairs. Have a look at the conditions of the warranty on your own boiler. If it says that servicing must be carried out annually, then it’s time to arrange for an engineer to visit.

Safety for your family

Carbon monoxide poisoning sends over 4,000 people to hospital every year. The Department of Health recommends regular boiler servicing to avoid this and to keep your boiler working safely. There are plenty of companies and tradespeople that can service your boiler, like They can arrange for a quick and easy boiler check up, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family, so you can keep enjoying your warm and cosy home.

All in all, regular services are crucial, even for new boilers that appear on the outside to be in full working order. Stay safe and warm, and organise a boiler service appointment today.

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