Three Tips to Better Hygiene for a Better, Healthier, More Positive You

Better health and more positivity come when you feel good about yourself. How you take care of yourself is reflected in your health; ergo, you should strive to build better hygienic qualities beyond the usual, i.e. bathing regularly, brushing and flossing your teeth, and drinking plenty of water.

Here are a few tips to bettering your hygiene to accomplish better overall health and a more positive disposition.

Be Attentive to Areas of Hygiene that You Would Normally Bypass, like Trimming Fingernails and Toenails

Some people have a loose routine of hygienic care that they established when they were younger, like brushing teeth before bed and using mouthwash in the mornings. However, most of these loose routines don’t cover ALL areas of hygiene.

For example, fingernails and toenails are often overlooked and in desperate need of a good trim and polish. You can upgrade your hygiene game by being attentive to these and other overlooked areas.

Sleep Matters—Make it a Priority to be Well-Rested, Regardless of Life’s Challenges and Obligations

Being well-rested is a must and there are truly no excuses, unless they are medical. Every restless excuse has a loophole, from your kids crying at all hours, to your spouse’s snores waking you up like clockwork.

You can often deal with these kinds of excuses by taking your rest into your own hands. Sleep when your kids sleep. Forget everything else—it will be there tomorrow. Ask your spouse to seek medical attention for louder-than-average snores. It could be sleep apnea. Take back your restful nights.

Side note: Good hygiene includes a positive, good mental outlook. Meditate, read a book, learn a new recipe, piece together your 80% lowers for your custom glocks—do something that makes you feel good about yourself on a daily basis to maintain a positive mental perspective.

Find a Diet that Works for You—Something Nutritious that Makes Sense to Your Body

The word diet has a bad rap because so many people use it to begrudgingly lose weight or get in shape. But a diet is actually whatever you eat—and healthy ones work best for keeping your overall hygienic state in tip-top shape.

Find one that meets your nutritional (macro-nutritional) needs, stick with it for a few weeks to gauge how it makes you feel, and commit to a lifetime when your diet results in positivity.

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