Tips for eating out in Rome

Italy promises a veritable smorgasbord of culinary delights, and for many, eating is one of the highlight of visiting the Eternal City. Eating in Rome can be expensive, however, and if you want to conserve costs, these tips will help keep your budget in check.

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Eat a Light Breakfast

When traveling, you often want to get up early and explore, and a long, hearty breakfast not only wastes time, but it’s also costly. Breakfasts don’t differ too much around the world, and unless there is a local delicacy you have to try, grab a croissant or something light to save money and start exploring.

Eat Up

When we say “eat up”, we mean standing up! In Italy, table charges are automatically added to your bill when you sit and eat. You can cut costs by only sitting in a café or restaurant when having a meal with several courses or when you are treating eating as something more than just refuelling. There are plenty of take-away options in Italy, and you can check out some of Rome’s incredible historic attractions that are being beautifully preserved while sipping on a latte or eating a sandwich!

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Munch a Big Lunch

Just like the best restaurants in Dublin that can be found at, there are plenty of restaurants in Rome that offer lunch specials. You can use this to your advantage and fill up in the middle of the day rather than at night. You’ll then have energy to keep on exploring, and you may find that lunch is far cheaper than dinner even if the menu is much the same.

Carry Your Own Water

In Italy, restaurants charge for water, so if you carry your own water bottle, you can cut costs. You may find yourself paying more than 3 Euros just for water when out, so if you have your own bottle, you can sip on it when you please. There are also plenty of water fountains around the city so you can fill your bottle up for free instead of buying another one.

Go Local

There are tourist traps and then there are local cafes and eateries that not only serve delicious fare but are also affordable. Seek these out and enjoy gelato and coffee like a local.

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