Tips for Integrating into a New Office

It can be challenging initially to integrate into a new office when you have relocated overseas, but with a few tactics up your sleeve you’ll settle in quickly. Here are some tips for success.

Tips for Integrating into a New Office

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Manage Expectations

Before your first day in the new office, meet with your line manager – or speak on the phone – to discuss what will happen on day one. Cover practicals such as where you need to be and what time you will start and have a schedule in place for any inductions. Managing expectations is key – check your role profile with HR and have a copy of it with you. Discuss the new role in-depth and clarify reporting lines, projects and responsibilities.

Check Local Customs

If you are moving overseas, then don’t assume that local customs will mirror those of a British office. Find out how office workers operate and what the customs and traditions are both in the country and the organisation itself, which will have its own working culture.

Make an Effort

When you start in the new office, make the effort to meet your new colleagues. Go and speak to them and introduce yourself, and make efforts to learn their names and roles. If there is a team lunch, attend it. And if there are drinks after work, go along, have a soft drink and get to know everyone.

Handle Logistics

You will already have had your belongings moved thanks to the services of an employee relocation company such as DT moving website. When you get to your new office, take the time to find out how everything works there – for example, where the stationery is kept, how you get IT support, how the HR team operates and whether there is a canteen on site.

Get Time with HR

Get some time in with HR to go through your employee induction and to check off any questions that you might have relating to your new role and your benefits package. Find out if there will be any necessary training.

Prove Yourself

Be prepared to work hard and prove yourself as you settle in to your new role. Show that you are wiling to go the extra mile and to help other people on your team and you’ll rapidly win respect and feel that you’re settling in.

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