Top Tips For Successfully Selling Your Home

It’s a great time to put your home up for sale, but the market is fierce and many struggle to find a buyer quickly. Many people still use traditional estate agents to sell their property, but choosing the wrong one could slow the process. 

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Today, there are other options available. These include bespoke estate agents and even online marketing. Going on the web and typing Sell my property in Cheltenham online will give you a list of alternative selling options for Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Here are some more tips to sell your home quickly.

Concentrate On Selling Before Buying

You shouldn’t focus on buying a property if yours isn’t selling. People are less likely to accept your offer if your home is still on the market. By selling your property, you’re much more likely to find a new property and ensure a smooth exchange of contracts.

Choose The Right Agent

Look at the local agents in your area. See how active they are, and note how many of their “for sale” or “sold” boards you see around. Local agents often have a list of people who are seeking particular properties, so they could attract a lot of viewings.

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Sole or Multi Agent Agreement

You must decide whether you want to work with one agency or use multiple agents for a quicker sale. A sole agency agreement means you’ll be bound to one estate agent for a period of up to 12 weeks. Multi-agency agreements mean you can use as many estate agents you feel necessary. Remember that if you choose too many agencies, potential buyers might think there’s an issue.

You can also use local agents and the internet to attract more viewers. Deciding to Sell my property online in Cheltenham with will introduce the property to a wider market.

Prepare For Viewings

It doesn’t matter how much space your home has; if it’s cluttered, viewings are unlikely to be successful. Always present your home in its best light.

Know Your Worth

Estate agents might sometimes overestimate the value of a property to gain a new client. Check the internet and property pages to get an idea of your house’s worth. Have a minimum of three agents view your property so the proposed asking price is reasonable.

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