Useful Car Accessories That You Actually Need

Car accessories are a great way to upgrade your old banger and really personalise the interior. But with plenty of safety and security accessories available alongside the fun stuff, you can handle any emergency as well as keep your car looking great.

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Improve the Daily Commute

If you’d be lost without your car for the daily commute, then you need accessories that make it comfortable and ready for anything. A gel cushion is the ideal way to get from A to B every day without getting a bad back and will keep you cool and comfortable even in the biggest traffic jam.

Every glove box should also have a can of tyre fixing spray for those pesky flats and a powerbank that can jump-start the engine if the battery goes flat. Pick one that doubles as a torch and can charge your laptop and smartphone too.

Never Get Lost Again

Whether you lose your car keys or can never remember where you parked the car, there are a couple of handy gadgets that can locate your lost property via Bluetooth tracking. These handy devices integrate with your phone to make tracking down your keys or your car a snap.

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If your car isn’t Bluetooth-friendly, add a Bluetooth transmitter. It plugs into your lighter socket, so you’ll have hands-free functionality and the ability to play your music from SD cards.

Stay Safe

If you like a healthy dose of looking cool alongside staying safe, then buggy whips are a must-have. Available online from retailers like, these safety antenna features have an easy-to-use magnetic base and reflective flag – ideal for keeping your vehicle safe if you regularly drive on to building sites.

Find Your Way

We all rely on our smartphones for navigation these days, so you need a holder that really works. Opt for an air-vent mount so you can view your display from any angle, or use a silicone grip pad that can hold anything you put on it, including keys, coins and sunglasses.

Stay Neat and Tidy

It can be a battle keeping your car tidy day after day. Invest in a handy vacuum that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket to make short work of those crisp crumbs. And a handy storage net will keep those shopping bags neat, tidy and upright.


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