Wedding Venue Tips

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest considerations for couples intending to get married. Not only will the venue take up a large proportion of the budget, but it can make a difference to the ambience of the big day. The venue also has a bearing on the photos, so whether you choose a Wedding Venues Northamptonshire company at sites including or others, make sure that the photographer can capture the venue and the guests in the best way possible. The great thing about locations like Kelmarsh Hall is the choice of locations including a marquee on their lawn which can seat many guests and they can even provide food.

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Style of Wedding

According to Stylist, locating the right venue is one of the most important things for most couples, but finding one that is perfect is not easy. With so many available, decide on the style of wedding you would like and what suits your personalities. Have a look at all of the different options available.


How much you have got to spend will invariably dictate your choice of wedding venue. If you are working to a tight budget, there are often ways of snagging a great deal. If you book out of peak season or even last minute, for instance, you could get your dream wedding venue at a bargain price.


Decide on the location of the wedding venue. According to Wedding Ideas Magazine, you should make sure your venue is in a reasonable location given where your guests are travelling from.

Photo Opportunities

Make sure the wedding venue provides you with the kind of wedding photos that you desire. Are there lots of places around the venue, both inside and outside, that will provide stunning shots? If your wedding venue is location-specific, such as a coastal wedding, speak to the photographer beforehand to ascertain where you can achieve the very best shots.


Find out if your chosen wedding venue can provide guest accommodation. This can make life easier for those who are travelling from afar. If the venue does not provide accommodation, make sure that there are suitable options within the local area.


Venue size is crucial to ensure that you can cater comfortably for all of your guests. Make sure the number of guests you intend to invite is in proportion to the size of the wedding venue.

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