How to use seam sealants in 2020

Seam sealants are used in dozens of different applications, from kitchens, automotive, engineering to roofing. A Gloucester Roofer would know exactly which one to use in which area and how weather will affect the durability of it.  If you are looking for your roof to be checked or worked on then begin by looking at sites such as  There are different kinds of sealants for different jobs, so let’s look at the options.

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One of the most frequently asked questions about sealants is which type to choose to join kitchen worktops when a new kitchen is being installed. Adhesives and Sealants Industry Magazine recently advised that the best choice for this is a reactive acrylic adhesive. It sets rapidly and a wide range of different colours is available.

Sealants Based on Polymer

Polymer sealants expand while they set to pack the seal and make it more solid. These types of sealants are often used for installing vinyl floors or for car repairs. Some of them need a prolonged setting time (up to a day), so this needs to be taken into consideration during a building project, for example. However, this isn’t always the case and others in this group are ready to paint in under half an hour.

Silicone Sealants

From tent repairs to pre-sealing silnylon tent seams before use, silicon is excellent at resisting extreme hot and cold temperatures and at making items waterproof. A good silicon sealant supplier can advise if you have a particular requirement.

Sealants Based on Polyurethane

Often used for work on cars, these seam sealants can be used to join metal sheets together. Both spread and tape can be bought, and they are used all across the car for roof seams, boots and other applications. Their job in the finished vehicle is to stop fumes and damp from affecting the motor or entering the cab of the car. The key characteristic of these sealants is that they set really fast, meaning that primer or paint can be applied without a prolonged drying period. The wide range of available colours is important in construction applications.

Sealants made of Epoxy

These are widely used for floor tiling to stop dampness getting under the tiles and lifting them. The seal prevents bacteria from entering, so this is a good solution for applications where hygiene is important.

Because epoxy sealants are strong and waterproof, they are used a lot in ships and boats. And those flash surfboards with fins? The fins are attached with an epoxy sealant.

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