What Personality Do You Need to Build an Airplane?

If you’ve made the decision to build an airplane, you’re in for a wild ride! Because of how big of an undertaking it is to build a plane on your own, there’s a lot of inherent risks but the rewards are huge as well. Before going through with the build though, there are some things to consider. Some of those things may be the time commitment involved, how much it costs, where to find experimental aircraft materials, and also if you’re mentally ready to start the project. One thing that’s also important to consider when building a plane is if your personality type is the right fit for this type of work.

Enjoy Solitary Work

Building a plane from home isn’t necessarily a social experience. Long hours in a single workspace may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but to many, it can be a cathartic and rewarding experience. Especially if the build is something you are doing on the side as a hobby, it can be an escape from the mundane pressures of the day. If you aren’t comfortable being alone for very long, though, then this might not be the right project for you.

Can Handle Setbacks

Another thing that most home-plane builders experience is the occasional major set back. Whether it was a stupid mistake on your part that requires dismantling or restarting huge sections of the plane, or any other “gumption trap“, you may find yourself wondering how you could have been so stupid and mulling over if it’s worth it to go all the way back to square one with it. Unless you can bounce back from disappointment relatively easily, then plane building might be a difficult experience for you.

Perfectly Imperfect

Lastly, if you’re a perfectionist then building a plane may take you to your limits. While safety and practicality of getting it to run are must-haves, expecting to do everything perfectly is not a reality.


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