What Role Do Valves Play in Machines?

Such a small component can often get overlooked but as any engineer will know, a machine is only as good as the parts that make it. The mechanics of hydraulic systems work with valves to control and regulate the flow of liquid or gas. There are many types of valves such as pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical; each with its own specific task to perform.

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One such example is the hydraulic valve. This is used in a variety of industries from the oil and gas, to the building and construction industry. This particular valve is usually found in a hydraulic system that regulates the flow of either gas or liquid. As you can imagine there are a wide variety of different types of these hydraulic valves available, which is why they are used in so many different industries. Some examples of where you may find these valves are in water systems, in the aerospace industry, the paper and pulp industry and even in the mining and logging industry. There are many applications in the waste management industry too. For more information on the Brass Ball Valve, visit a site like https://www.orseal.com/products/ball-valves/

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There are also many other examples of the different types of valves that are used in industrial and manufacturing settings. The two most common are the pressure switch and the piston valve. You will note that although these two commonly play a big part in the operation of a machine, they don’t actually do any of the real work. They simply detect an unwanted flow of force and then switch the valve to either “off” or “on”.

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