What to look for in a frozen meal

Most of us lead hectic lives. We work, have children and still need to run a household. There is a lot of pressure to lead a healthy lifestyle but sometimes we all need a quick dinner on the table without the hours of preparation taken to make it. TV dinners have long been thought of in a negative light but occasionally in our rushed lives, it’s ok to resort to a quick fix option. Here are some things to consider when you need to shop for TV dinners:

  • Choose frozen meals that contain at least one serving of vegetables. A great source of protein is chicken or fish combined with a whole grain like brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Fish with stir fry vegetables and brown rice would be a great option.

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  • Whilst unprocessed alternatives are often healthier, TV dinners can help with portion control if you’re trying to maintain your weight. As the portion size and calorie amount is controlled, it’s easier to keep track of how much you’ve eaten and exactly how many calories you’ve consumed.
  • Essential nutrients to look for in a frozen meal include ingredients that provide iron such as beans, beef and broccoli. Cheese provides much needed calcium which is necessary for bone health. Fibre is gained from vegetables, beans and whole grains. Take a look at the ingredients label to ensure that your TV dinner does at least contain some of the vital nutrients needed in our diet.
  • Many meals contain high levels of saturated fat, such as pies, macaroni cheese and lasagne. As saturated fat has been proven to raise levels of cholesterol, your safest option is to opt for frozen meals which are low in fat.

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  • Due to the bad press, many frozen meal options have undergone a healthy transformation and could be the healthier option to a drive-thru takeaway or delivered pizza. They will often contain far less calories than a fast food option. Grab your Personalised Lap Trays from https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk/ and chow down together for a special TV dinner night.
  • Ingredients are listed from highest concentration to lowest and if you want to avoid the meals with lots of artificial ingredients, then avoid meals with starchy foods at the top of the list.
  • Remember you can also add to frozen meals with things like extra vegetable portions and fresh fruit to bulk it up and add some extra nutrients. A jacket potato is a perfect healthy carb food to eat on its own or along side a frozen meal to help keep you full and feel satisfied.

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