When you just want to dance the night away

Many of us turn to music when we are feeling sad or if we want to celebrate or enjoy the upbeat mood that we are in. One of the reasons why music resonates so much with the way that we are feeling is the connection it makes to the emotional regular centre in our brains. The music reminds us of events that have happened in the past or we find that we connect with a particular phrase of music or section of lyrics. One great way to combine the positive effects that music has on our mental health along with some physical benefits is to dance around to your favourite tracks.

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Dancing has a number of health benefits and is one of the most enjoyable ways to build a stronger and healthier body without even realising that you are exercising. So why not grab some of your friends and pop down to a Nightclub Cheltenham way or your local nightclub and dance the night away.

Here are some of the benefits of having a good dance surrounded by your friends.

  • Socialising – being out with your friends and laughing together helps to cement and strengthen your relationships as well as boost your brain power. Research has been conducted into people who regularly interact with others and their increased cognitive performance. You will also be creating memories that you and your friends will have forever.
  • Loud music – although you may go to bed that night with ringing in your ears loud music is actually good for your mental health as it releases more feel-good hormones into your system which in turn boosts how you are feeling. In order to protect your hearing, you don’t want to be cracking up the music too loud all of the time.
  • Dancing – the health benefits of dancing are almost endless. Like any other exercise it will help to improve your heart and lung function. It can also help with weight loss, increase in muscle strength, increase in your coordination, flexibility and stamina. It is important to make sure that you are wearing shoes that you are going to be comfortable dancing in and that won’t out you at higher risk of damaging your ankles.

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So next time you feel like a little pick me up or want to fit into that bikini for the summer why not look at dancing the night away.

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