Where does dust come from?

Dust is something we have all come to live with as it settles on pretty much every surface and is a nightmare to clean up and can often make you sneeze as it tickles your nose.

What we don’t think about sometimes is where this dust is coming from so we have made a list of common places.

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Paloma Beamer, a professor of environmental policy at the University of Arizona, comments: “dust is a hodgepodge of all sorts of things. It would probably be impossible to make a list of all the possible items.”

A big start guide to work from can depend on the climate where you live, the age of your property and the number of people that live there.

You might be surprised to know that up to 60% of the dust inside your house has come from outside, for instance pollen can come in on your shoes, hair or clothing.

Another common place for dust to form is from your pet as there dander will fall and collect and attracts dust onto them.  Even if your don’t have any animals present it can be brought in from other people who do have pets.

Food debrs is also a high percentage of the dust that is formed.  It is very easy to drop crumbs on the floor, especially if you have children and if you don’t get it all with a sweeping brush it quickly becomes dust particles.

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If you have a construction site local to you, there may be noticeably larger of dust in different times of the year. They will probably use a Dust Monitor from sites such as mattsmonitors.co.uk/construction-dust-monitors.html to keep track of the air purity though and if it gets dangerous they will stop.

Top places that the dust will collect are blinds, electronics, ceilings, doors and upholstery, windows and baseboards and carpeting.

Electronics should be dusted regularly as its can be really bad for technology and can clog fans creating heat to build up and fires to start.

It can be quite alarming the amount of dust that collects on the tops of the doors in your home so just give them a quick wipe over to stop this happening.

Get rid of it as best as you can with a wet cloth as this collects the dust and doesn’t just replace it somewhere else.

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