Where to buy vintage furniture

Filling your home with vintage pieces is a clever way of getting great quality furniture without the hefty price tag. It also makes your home look way more cool and individual. It’s better for the environment and is generally more interesting to look at. If you have a large collection of vintage and antique items whether this is furniture or old cars it is important to ensure that these items are correctly insured. A High Net Worth Insurance Gloucestershire company such as https://johnmorganpartnership.co.uk/ can help you.

So, now you’ve decided that vintage is the way forward – how to choose the right pieces and where do you look?

Buying Online

There are tons of websites that specialise in vintage items from different eras. Narrow down the style that you’re seeking. Is it one era you love, or do you plan to incorporate a mixture? General auction sites will also contain a vintage section. It’s also worth looking at local sale sites for private sales close by.

Whilst there is a massive selection online, the only drawback is that you can’t actually see the item unless it’s on display nearby. If you buy something online, there is the chance you won’t like it in person. It might be the wrong colour or not fit in with the rest of your décor. The genuine condition of the item might not be as great as the photo and description claimed and putting an item through shipping is perhaps not ideal. Shipping costs can be steep so make the item is worth the money.

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Buying from a shop

While the selection might be a good deal smaller, you can see, touch and even smell an item that you’re interested in. Spend time exploring the different stores in your area and be sure to visit them often, getting to know the owners or staff. They are a wealth of information and contacts when you’re searching for something. You might also find discounts on furniture that hasn’t sold and visiting often will increase your chances of grabbing that bargain.

Ideally you want to look for items marked as gently used or light use. This speaks for itself, as vintage or not, you don’t want a defective or broken piece of furniture. Wooden chests, tables and chairs fare better than upholstered furniture. If you’re looking for upholstery, ensure it is gently used as getting items reupholstered is expensive and requires a professional specialist. Check that drawers slide smoothly, and chairs have solid frames for example. Anything in plastic should show no signs of imminent splitting or cracking.

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As nice as it is to discover a well-known brand name, don’t be put off by lesser known manufacturers. Items from the same era that were made by unknown manufacturers might still be of an excellent quality, look as good and be far less pricey.

Before purchasing any items, be sure to measure up so you know it will fit. You want to display these items and not hide them in storage, so make sure they will fit comfortably and seamlessly into your existing set-up. Always carry a tape measure with you, as the size of an object can be look deceiving when positioned in a store.

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