Which Spring Colours Work Best?

If you want to dress well this spring, it’s the colour you need to think about. There are some colours that work better than others at this time of year, and understanding what’s good and what’s not will ensure you always look your best. Read on to find out more.

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Bright Orange

Bright orange might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of colours, but it’s ideal for spring, and you can pair it with black to reduce the glare. If nothing in the shops works for you, you can always invest in crochet kits https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/crochet-kits to find the ideal mix of bright orange and tamer colours.

Acid Green

The name of this spring colour might not sound too inviting, but when you see it, you can’t help but fall in love. This bright green will remind you of spring and help boost your mood every time you wear it.

Baby Pink

If you’re not careful, baby pink can look a little too saccharine, and many people feel wearing it means they’re not taken seriously This is why you need to make sure you own the look and exude confidence. Using crochet kits to make your own clothes and including baby pink to emphasise the outfit rather than dominate it can be the best option.

Soft Lilac

Soft lilac is the perfect colour to wear if you don’t want to make a bright, bold statement but still want to use the spring colours to ensure you look great. Soft lilac might not be as unflinching as some of the other options on this list, but it’s a great choice because it’s also a summer colour, so you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.


Turquoise is the kind of colour that is easy to forget about when you’re listing out spring shade ideas, but, once you remember it exists, you’ll want to wear it with everything. Caught somewhere between green and blue, turquoise can be as audacious or as soft as you want it to be.

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Ice Blue

Ice blue is a fantastic choice for spring colours because it gives off a distinctly retro vibe. If you pair an ice blue blouse with a pair of white jeans and some chunky boots, you can immediately update the look while keeping that cheeky nod to the past.

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