Why SEO and Marketing are not the same thing

Once you have set up your business website you may be looking to have some search engine optimisation undertaken on the site and in the written content that you are displaying. However it is important to understand that search engine optimization and marketing are not the same thing.

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A Brand design agency  will work with you to help develop your brand perception and the awareness of your business to your target customers and clients. This could involve the development of your business logo as well as the way in which your brand is perceived by your customers. Search engine optimisation is a small part of marketing and is in fact the way in which your website can increase its search engine ranking rather than being a traditional method of marketing.

It is important that search engine optimisation is undertaken on your website to give it the best chance of appearing in the top pages of any search engine such as Google. However in order to attract customers and clients to your business you need to undertake branding and marketing activities. These Marketing activities may include using social media as well as more traditional in print and email Marketing methods.

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Whilst you do not need high search engine rankings in order for your business to be successful you do need good marketing and branding activities and the best way to ensure that they succeed is to use a brand design agency such as the one we have mentioned earlier.

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