Why the idea of underfloor heating is not new.

Ever since the dawn of time humans have wanted to be warm. From burning wood in the cave to more modern systems like this Electric Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire based company https://parsonsflooring.com/services/electric-under-floor-heating-gloucestershire/ product, the end result is the same. We want our homes to be warm and cozy. The underfloor heating system is not new. As with many modern ideas in society the Romans got there first. This was the idea of the hypocaust, the original underfloor heating system.

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Italy can be hot and cold in equal measure but as it protrudes out into the warm Mediterran Sea it can experience extremes of heat. Therefore a big roaring fire is not conducive but a regulated underfloor system would be a much better option. This is why the Romans placed cemented mosaic floors over a series of tunnels or pillars which allowed hot air to float underneath.This heated the stones of the mosaic in a controlled, steady way. It also lasted longer as the heat stayed in the stone.

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As the Empire expanded to Gaul and Britain this system gained in popularity with the tribes that joined it voluntarily. There was a great need for a heating system in these colder parts and this must have seemed like a gift from the Gods!

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