Why the Old Tricks of the Trade No Longer Work in Modern PR

PR – otherwise known as public relations – isn’t always held in very high regard. It’s sometimes referred to as DPR – or dark public relations – and this is one of the kinder descriptions. But as the landscape changes and the way we want to receive our news, a new PR era is dawning.

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Out with the Old, in with the New

Whether you are looking for Cheltenham PR or for PR in Chester, you’ll need to be absolutely certain that the company you choose won’t be left behind as the whirlwind of social media and online activity continues to increase. Traditional PR skills are simply just not enough anymore, and PR firms need to be able to prove that their campaigns bring tangible economic and social benefits.

Direct Line

Gone are the days where there were a handful of messages and the same number of outlets. Today PR skills need to be varied and adaptable. In a world of messages, PR companies need to stand out from the crowd. The key to this is to talk directly to customers – that way messages are much more likely to be heard, listened to and converted into an action.

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The Bigger Picture

People want information – more so than at any other time. And with information being available at the touch of a button, PR companies need to adopt a more integrated approach to ensure clients’ messages really get through – check out https://www.targetgroup.co.uk/ for some best practice examples. The bigger picture is also much wider today and embraces brand and reputation at a much high level.

The Skill Set

There is no one skill or one approach that works in today’s modern PR environment; if PR companies are to rise through the ranks, then they need to embrace this fact and make sure that campaigns and awareness-raising activities on behalf of clients are continuous and targeted and use a multichannel communications approach, ensuring stories are constant and relationships with the media are solid and professional. Success is not about a short-term fix. At the end of the day, PR is all about enhancing reputation. Without the PR professional’s ability to do that, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated any of the comms are. The reality is always reputation!

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