Why white laminate flooring might be the perfect choice

Whenever you decide to lay new flooring in your home, the two main factors you have to decide on are what type of flooring and what colour.

Why white laminate flooring might be the perfect choice

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We will all have different views on which type of floor goes best in which room, but most of us have fixed ideas on colour. We tend to agree that when it comes to flooring, neutral is probably best, and this should be no surprise. Neutral colours are practical, allowing us to change our interiors and furniture more frequently, without having to stick to particular tones or hues. They’re easy on the eye, and practical to live with. However, although you’ve probably thought of neutral colours as a whole, have you considered white? Not the first choice for most people, white is, however, an ideal floor colour, for several reasons.

It brightens up your day

Being bright and reflecting other colours, white floors will help brighten small and dark rooms. Combine a white floor with white walls and the room will even look bigger. Installing a light floor in a cramped room will help create an illusion of space. This is particularly effective in rooms with low ceilings. Putting white laminate flooring in a small office, for example, will make the room appear larger and make those hours spent working at home more pleasant.

It goes with anything

As previously stated, white is a great colour for combining with any other, and acts as a reflector for darker or more vibrant palettes. Bear in mind too, that white is rarely pure white. It usually has a hint of something else, which could offer either a warm or cold tone.

It’s practical

According to the Apartment Therapy website, white floors are more suitable for those with no pets or children, as they do tend to show up dust and dirt. However, bearing this in mind, they are very practical, easy to clean and great for any room in the house. Of course, you can get white flooring in all types, including carpet, wood, laminate and tiles.

If you want to see how white flooring can improve your home, take a look at a website such as Wood Floor Warehouse.

You’re sure to agree that white is alright, wherever you decide to put it!

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