Why would I want to lease a car?

Car Leasing Cheltenham, Bristol, Birmingham and other locations in the United Kingdom is on the increase. The number of young people choosing to lease a car rather than buy a second-hand car or a new car outright has dramatically increased. Although we have been used to the rental market in terms of property and even in terms of short term hire of vehicle if you are going on holiday or lucky enough to have a business car. But the idea of leasing your vehicle for your average person is still a relevant new idea and is slowly starting to sweep through the minds of car buyer everywhere.

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But why would you find out about leasing your next vehicle? Well, here are some of the key benefits and if you are interested, then why not look into Car Leasing Cheltenham through MPH Vehicle Solutions.

  • Car leasing companies like the one mentioned above act as brokers for the car industry. This means that they continually on the lookout for the best deals for their customers. This is both in terms of the vehicles they can source and also in terms of the finance options that they have available to them. So, you can be assured that you are being presented with the best offers available to you and you also aren’t tied to a dealerships own finance arrangement.
  • In terms of money you tend to find that the amount you would be paying each month on a lease will be lower than the payments you would make on loan arrangement for the same make, model and specification of car. You can also find that you are paying a reduced number of companies with lease options available where everything is rolled into one monthly payment and all you are left to pay separately is your car insurance and fuel. One other financial benefit is that unlike PPC (another form of car finance) where you can end up in a haggling war over the cars worth at the end of your contract, with straightforward leasing you hand the car back at the end of your contract and then plan which car you want to have next.
  • Cars are renowned for needing work done to them at some point during their active life and this can mount up to large sums of money. With a new lease car, you will find that as the car is below three-year-old there is not a need for MOT’s to be carried out annually and there should be no need to replace big ticket items such as batteries and aircon systems. Most large issues would be covered under the manufacturers warranty and this is where you can find vehicles being recalled for amendments works to be carried out on them.

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There are just three areas for you to consider before you rush off to buy your next car outright. Contact a leasing company and see what they can do for you instead.

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