Wonderful Windows of the World

You may not think about your windows a great deal, other than when you see they could do with a clean. But where would we be without them? Sat in the dark with no view to see or be inspired by. We would also get quite hot and uncomfortable during the hot summer months! We all need to love our windows, and this is a celebration of all things glass, with respect to some of the most inspiring and impressive windows in the world.

To see the world’s largest piece of curved glass, you should head for the incredible spaceship-shaped campus at Apple. More than 3,000 large curved panels are being installed as a wall on either side of the four-storey building. The entire construction will measure more than one mile around. This structure uses more than 6 km of glass, the panels positioned by a manipulation machine 21m in height. Panels are raised and workers then fasten each piece in position. Solar panels have also been placed right across the roof space, making this one of the most modern environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings in the world.

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Although others make the claim, the world’s largest window winner goes to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. The huge south window is almost 13m in diameter and consists of 84 individual panels of glass! If you want to improve your windows, consider Windows Swindon at a site like Kingfisher, suppliers of top Windows Swindon.

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Now, there are not too many windows in space, so this window does not have much competition. However, the largest window in space is called Capula and is located on the International Space Station. There is a dome viewing area measuring 2.95m across and 1.5m high. Imagine the amazing scenery as you look out of this window!

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