Working within the Fire and Rescue Emergency Services

There are essentially four main roles and responsibilities when working as part of the Fire and Rescue Emergency Services, these are, 1) To extinguish fires in their designated jurisdiction and support other teams outside of their areas. 2) To protect life and possessions in the tragic event of a fire. 3) to rescue and protect individuals in a road traffic collision.  4) to protect and rescue people in the event of other emergencies. These dedicated professionals receive thorough and comprehensive training in all aspects of this potentially life-threatening occupation.  One of their many sessions they must attend before being allowed to deal with any real life situations is a Challenging behaviour training course, preferably run by a professional agency with many years’ experience.

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There are five great personality traits that make up a great firefighter: Physical strength and stamina, Compassion, Courage, Excellence in communication and Fast decision-making skills. These are things that can’t be taught as they are part of an individual’s make-up, however other essential training techniques can be taught and are an essential part of becoming a Firefighter. In essence the primary responsibility of a novice or seasoned Firefighter is to prevent or quickly suppress fires, and deal effectively with explosions or road traffic accidents.

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Normally placid individuals who are in a stressful and potentially life-threatening situation can react violently, possibly because of the trauma they are experiencing. Understanding how best to defuse these difficult situations is something that is taught by the professionals on one of their bespoke sessions.

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