Your Dream Bathroom

When you imagine your perfect bathroom, what does it include? What factors are important to you? Is it comfort, style or accessibility? If you’re struggling with inspiration, here are some great ideas for things that make the perfect bathroom:

  1. Stunning tiles

Tile always looks elegant and luxurious. Whether you imagine cool, hygienic whites or a sumptuous, bold pattern in stone – tiling always look sleek, clean and sophisticated. You can choose to just tile the floor or go for floor to ceiling tiling, it will look amazing and make cleaning a cinch. There is also a wide variety, so something to suit every budget.

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  1. Quality

You don’t need to fill your bathroom with accessories or overly-fussy décor, you just need quality. You want your bathroom to look good, but you also want it to be made well and be durable. You also don’t need to fill it with unnecessary technology. Do you really need a self-cleaning or talking toilet? Elegance, quality and clean lines are what make a dream bathroom.

  1. Lighting Feature

Statement lighting is a great addition to a bathroom. You can keep the décor minimalist and have the stunning light to act as your centrepiece. Chandeliers are not just for the bedroom but look incredible when set against a clean, fresh backdrop of a bathroom. You don’t need to spend a fortune either, as you can make a big impact for only a mini splurge.

As well as a main statement light fitting, think about installing smaller task lighting to focus on the areas where you’ll be doing make-up, brushing teeth or styling your hair. Lights around or behind a mirror are effective at this and look great too. For all your dream bathroom ideas, you need Bathroom Suites Northern Ireland from

  1. Glamourous tub

What dream bathroom would be complete without a gorgeous free-standing tub? Nothing says indulgence and luxury like a vintage claw foot tub. Place a small wooden stool next to the tub for resting a book or glass of wine and you’ll be in luxurious heaven while you soak.

  1. Stylish storage

Whether you are blessed with a vast bathroom or a cosy closet, storage doesn’t have to be dull. You can cover storage units with a mirror to give the illusion of more space or remove the panels from your bath and install attractive pine shelving to store fluffy, luxurious towels for example.

  1. Nature

All those clean lines and bright shades can benefit from softening a little around the edges. Create a spa-like paradise by including a touch of nature in your décor. A vase of fresh flowers, a windowsill potted plant or a soft, creeping plant to flow down to the floor, adding a bit of nature will help keep the air clean and increase your zen experience.

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  1. Under floor heating

Forget walking on cold floors in the winter. A dream bathroom would have a warm, comfortable feeling underfoot for ultimate luxury on cold mornings. Did you know you can even direct the heat to areas where you stand?

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