Beyond Flickr: 5 services to publish your photos

A few years ago, Flickr was the reference place to publish your photographs on the Internet . With the passage of time, photography lovers have been choosing other platforms, and the company ended up being bought by Yahoo in 2016.

Now we know that he has changed hands again . Yahoo has decided to sell Flickr to SmugSmug , a company that seeks to take it away from Verizon and trying to revive this service that has been plummeting for years.

The reality is that Flickr has seen how much of its users have gone to Instagram and another large part (with a more professional profile) to 500px.

If you are already tired of Flickr and you are looking for a new platform to store and share your photos, today we are going to recommend five services to start doing it.


500px is one of the best alternatives to Flickr. Here we will find many professionals sharing their best works. Those who create a free account can upload up to 20 photos per week, and if you decide to make the leap to payment plans you will save more money than Flickr (€ 25 per year versus € 50 for Flickr).

In addition, you can upload your photos directly from Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook and more integrated services. It has a very careful interface and a great voting and comment system.

It also has a free application for Android and iOS , and another point in favor of payment plans is that they will give us access to integration with Google Analytics.


The other logical step is Instagram . This community has been growing and mutating by leaps and bounds. With more than 800 million active users , it is one of the best windows to show your photos .

Although initially it was intended to edit and publish photos taken directly from your mobile , today we can find many professionals sharing their work on Instagram.

We can also upload videos (up to 60 seconds), share stories, use hashtags to find our photos, etc. There is no limit when publishing and you can connect your Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts to save yourself a step when publishing your images on these networks.


Imgur is the preferred platform for Reddit users . In fact, just like in Reddit, we can vote positively or negatively on each image or keep it as a favorite.

When entering its main page we will see the most popular images of the moment, being an ideal place to hang out. One of the positive points of Imgur is that we can now upload photos in an unlimited and free way .

There is no storage limit and it is free.

We also have the possibility to create albums, share the images through a link and choose to make them public or private. There is a free application for Android and iOS .


We could think that DeviantArt is an exclusive place for artists to share their drawings or paintings, but the reality is that it is also a great community for photographers .

The free account is limited to 2GB of storage . Anyway, the most interesting is the large number of users who use this platform, being a great place to show your work.

It also has free application for Android and iOS .


As in DeviantArt, Photobucket offers 2GB of storage for free accounts. In its platform we will find more than 10,000 million images , being one of the largest repositories of Internet images.

Another positive point is that we have the option of making the images public, private or that can only be accessed through a password . There is also the possibility of asking them to print them and send them home.

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