Eleven content aggregators to find out everything that happens on the web

There was a time in which to discover content on the Internet the most normal thing was that someone recommended you a site or you would get it in some search, and if you liked it you added it to your feed reader, that’s why so many people suffered when Google Reader Died, as it was one of the most popular for that.

With the arrival of social networks we are increasingly dependent on sites such as Facebook or Twitter to find out what is happening in the world, and may not always be the best idea because they offer us a somewhat reduced perspective. If you want to expand your sources of information a little more and discover new sites, today we recommend a few content aggregators to let you know what happens on the Internet.

Eleven content aggregators to find out everything that happens on the webFlipboard magazines

Flipboard is one of my favorite apps of all time. Not only does it help us to organize and read in a very nice and pleasant way all the sources of information we already follow on a regular basis, but also allows us to discover new and interesting things .

Flipboard reviews are compilations of articles related to the same subject, or simply offered by a person or entity that considers them relevant. From the Explora section you can access some of the most outstanding without even having to register in the service or download one of its applications, although it is still a good option. There are hundreds and hundreds of magazines, something you will surely find to your liking.

Feedly discover

Feedly is well known, has almost been crowned as the heir of Google Reader, as it offers one of the best alternatives when managing and organizing your news feeds. However, some do not take advantage of their ability to offer content suggestions instead of just managing the one we already know.

Discover and follow allows us to find new sources of information according to topics of interest, keywords, or even the name of a medium that has several sections. You can also create alerts on something that interests you in a special way to receive content in your feed on it.


Popurls calls itself “the mother of news aggregators”. It is a fairly simple web where the latest content of multiple sites are linked in one place depending on the RSS feeds they provide. Google News, BuzzFeed, the New York Times, Reddit, YouTube, etc. All made for your convenience and comfort.

By default Popurls shows at the beginning the most popular links currently without any type of filter according to the theme. However, you can customize it to show you what interests you most. As you browse the web you can see the most recent publications on some of the most relevant pages of the day, including not only articles but photos and videos.

There is also a section of “quickies” in which they collect relevant links from different sources according to categories. You can search or install your iPhone application. The site constantly changes its cover, sometimes in hours sometimes in seconds, depending on the actuality.


JimmyR is a mashup with some of the best Internet websites integrated on a single page. Currently updated every 15 minutes. The web contains things like the best of the last 24 hours on Digg, Fark stories that have more than 100 comments, or YouTube videos that have only the best ratings.

In JimmyR the news is organized according to popularity and relevance, according to subject and in chronological order. Although you can not customize the homepage, you can do “super searches” by choosing one of the 15 sites that index. It also includes a list at the end with some links of interest ranging from free educational resources, television streaming, games and photos, to billboards of popularity of various products.


Forekas is the community Internet calendar. It is a web created to keep track of events that people may be interested in observing, listening, or just being part of, no matter where in the world they live.

Unlike the regular content aggregator, Forekast works like a calendar with reminders starting to run from the current day. Each date has a list of the events that will take place that day with links to the relevant information. Each event is added by members of the same community, so you can join and participate.


Maybe totally obvious to some people, but you can not talk about discovering content on the Internet without mentioning Reddit. Few sites have such a large and powerful community like this , and rarely does important news come to your home page before most websites.

The magic of Reddit lies in its hundreds of thousands of sub-ditties , separate communities ranging from things as large and generic as the global economy, to things as specific as pictures of cats on mechanical keyboards. By default Reddit’s front page is a good place to start, the most active, the new, the up, the most controversial or popular contain endless interesting content.

The Latest

The Latest is a website that generates an automatic list with the best links to Twitter at the last moment . It is perfect for those who enjoy the social network and believe that they can find all sorts of interesting things in it, but they also do not have time to spend all day stuck to the social network.

This site collects links shared by interesting accounts on Twitter and compiles a list with the 10 most popular of the moment . If you enable Chrome notifications, you can receive each new link immediately. It is extremely simple, but useful. And, they also post all links from their own Twitter account.

All you can read

AllYouCanRead more than a content aggregator, it is an aggregator of sites that generate content . It is a database of magazines and Internet media around the world. Be it a big US newspaper, or a small weekly magazine from a town in Asia.

More than 200 countries have their own section on AllYouCanRead. The websites they list are organized not only by region but according to the topics they speak about. You can also search to find publications by name, keywords, categories or location.

Useful Interweb

Useful Internet is the most minimal and simple web of this list. It is a page in white background with only a list of 15 interesting links organized according to date of publication.

Useful Internet’s goal is not to show you countless news and content of countless media, but to select a useful or educational link that can have a positive impact on your life, bring you knowledge daily, or just something cool and fun.


Voat is a naked reddit clone. It looks almost the same, works almost the same, but it was created by two students from Switzerland who wanted to offer an alternative that according to them is more transparent and focuses on the privacy of the user. Despite the obvious similarities, they claim to have written it from scratch and also claim that they will never sell your data to anyone.

Unlike other similar projects, Voat seems to have created a good community and has been growing since its launch in 2014. It does not have nearly as many communities as Reddit, but it is still an interesting place with power.

Product Hunt

If what you are interested in knowing daily are the new technological products of the moment instead of having to navigate the news from around the world, Product Hunt is for you. This community is focused on the latest applications, websites, hardware projects, bots, books, extensions, development tools and more.

Product Hunt shares a product and the community decides how good and relevant it is with their votes. It is an excellent site to discover new apps , recommend them or even promote your own. One of their best features is the collections, where they collect content according to categories, or simply according to what someone wants to recommend.

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