Energy eReader Pro, complete with light and touch eReader WiFi

A year, readers of electronic books or eReaders are one of the star gifts ahead of the impending holiday season, already hovering just around the corner. If you are thinking of ordering one the Magi or want to give one to someone special, you now have a new alternative in the market, the new Energy eReader Pro a touch model as complete that combines integrated light, Wi-Fi and excellent 6 – inch screen in a very compact device that makes it ideal to carry with us.

As we shall see below, the characteristics of the new reader, Energy Sistem puts him in the high end of this segment so attractive, especially for all book lovers.

Energy eReader Pro, complete with light and touch eReader WiFiTechnical characteristics of the Energy eReader Pro

The new Energy eReader Pro features a multi – touch screen six inches , standard size that most closely matches with a book in pocket format, ideal to enjoy the pleasure of reading anywhere, anytime, something that will be more accessible connectivity through Wi-Fi . Thanks to her, we can find our favorite work or the latest developments in any online bookstore, browse publications in the Kiosko, consult the dictionary, check our mail or download content from the cloud, all in a single device.

Returning to the screen (most important aspect, in the end after all), it is noteworthy quality; offering sensations very similar to those we would read a book in classic format. Electronic ink screen E-Ink HD features 16 levels of gray, 212 pixels per inch and integrated light. Experience, as we say, it is most gratifying at any time of day, under any viewing angle and even though the sun is beating down, we will have no problem seeing the text on the screen with perfect clarity and sharpness. And it has included a antireflection system and the option to adjust the screen brightness, through its 24 levels.

As we see in the pictures, this is a model quite compact and thin, with slightly rounded edges for grip. Inside we find a dual-core processor and 8GB of internal memory, plenty of room to put thousands of books in digital format. But if ours is to have an entire digital library, we can always add a card micro SD / SDHC up to 64GB. An extra attraction of Energy eReader Pro is that it comes with 1500 books of universal literature loaded into memory, so you will be able to start reading as we remove the device from its box.

Another advantage of this eReader is that it has backed Android operating system, which opens up a world of possibilities, making this model more than an eBook reader does. But there’s more, because to personalize the experience and enjoy reading your own pace, they have included a selection of 35 fonts and 20 different sizes, as well as markers reading and ability to create notes in a simple way.

A note also how quickly shown in all situations, taking only 2 seconds to open a book and can turn pages in less than half a second. It also has included a button that refreshes the screen much more quickly and smoothly, so that the page will be clean of waste in 0.5 seconds.

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