Facebook will try to curb false news by curing content like Snapchat Discover

Facebook is about to kill two birds with one stone uniting the two trends we are seeing in more recent weeks: keep fighting against false news and Snapchat copy everything that you can. The movement will materialize with a new functionality that will be called Collections, that of arriving us surely would end up being translated like Collections.

Facebook will try to curb false news by curing content like Snapchat DiscoverAs you have said several internal sources of social network to Business Insider, Collections work similar to the Discover section Snapchat, showing news, stories, videos and other content sent by means manually selected. In fact, Facebook has already started the first contacts with entertainment companies in recent weeks to start closing deals, although for now without specifying a release date.

On the one hand, with this movement Facebook would forge better relations with publishers to try to compete with the rapid growth of Snapchat, whose section of content discovery is seen by more than 150 million people every day. While on the other hand it would also help you to heal the content without raising controversy and accusations of manipulation, limiting news media considered most reliable.

The transformation of the news feed

According to sources of the Business Insider, the first means to reach an agreement with Facebook for its collections have been told that initially that its contents will be inserted in the news feed of the social network. This is a completely opposite method to the present, in which to appear in this feed the media have to pay or accumulate large amount of ‘I like’.

There are still doubts as to whether the collections will include advertising, and in case that is how it would be shared with the partners. What it does is clear is that the media get into the program Collections win many integers display to get direct access to the 1.800 million users of Facebook.

In any case, as we have told still no news about when you could start shooting this new functionality. The logical thing would be to do it first with a one-off experiment in certain countries, which is how Facebook usually starts testing its new functions before releasing them globally. We will be attentive to tell you more things when they know.

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