Five free alternatives to Photoshop

If we talk about digital photo editing, it is essential to refer to one of its greatest representatives: Photoshop. The well – known software Adobe is useful, is complete, is infinite, is effective, is practical and is … very expensive. And although its price is more than justified by its proposal, there are other photo editing programs on the market that offer some of the most common tools of Photoshop for free. From PC Today we present five alternatives to Photoshop that will not force you to scratch your pocket.

Five free alternatives to PhotoshopGIMP

Of software free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux, GIMP is probably the most professional (and more complete) for users who do not want to keep paying for Photoshop choice. GIMP is presented as a program of photographic design, creation and image composition that serves both to retouch a snapshot as to convert the format of an image, create a banner or design a logo.

One of the strengths of the program is that it has a large community of users behind participating in its development, through extensions and add- ons, and keep alive a forum for resolving doubts users. In addition, its appearance is similar to that of Photoshop, so users who move program will not notice too much difference. 


The lighter alternative (6.7 Mb) Photoshop is available only for Windows and is called Paint.NET . It is an editing program that stands out for its simplicity, although it offers enough tools to satisfy users who want to perform basic tasks such as cropping or resizing images, making small adjustments to a photo, adjusting color and even apply effects.

As GIMP, Paint.NET has a number of plugins extras that complement the program and consequently, so are more complex. It has a portable version , so it’s ideal for carrying in a USB key and use it on other people ‘s computers. 


Krita is also free, is also downloadable and is also software free, but differs from the previous in its conception, as it is thinking for more advanced users. In fact, it is not a pure and hard photography editing program, although it performs functions of this type, but rather is a program of artistic painting and digital drawing. Krita addresses conceptual artists, illustrators and the VFX industry. It is works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Its name comes from Swedish and means “pencil”.

Sumo Paint

Those who do not want to download any software, but pull the photo editing online. The market offers quite solvent options as long as we want to perform simple actions. One of the most successful publishers is Sumo Paint, presented with a very similar to Photoshop and provides good variety of options for both photo retouching to the drawing interface. It is enough for those who do not look for juggling with the photos, although it can be something short if you are used to Photoshop. It also has a PRO version (for a fee) and a desktop version.


The last alternative to Photoshop we propose is also online : LunaPic . This editor has a defect detectable to the naked eye: its interface is clumsy and outdated . And another not long before you find: is not Spanish, but offers the option to translate the page (by Google Translate ). Once these two details, LunaPic is a powerful photo editor with numerous tools that allow almost professional retouching images. Adjust, crop, change color, draw on photographs, apply filters or give animation to your projects. Your options have nothing to envy Photoshop.

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