If you are looking for the perfect wallpaper you should take a walk through the Desktopography exhibitions

Desktopography is an old, old, old, but good, good, good place. If you are one of those weird (like me) fans of personalization , maybe you know him. The project began in the old era known as 2005, and every year they publish a new exhibition of quite impressive wallpapers .

The vast majority of subjects have to do with nature, and backgrounds are created by different designers especially for exhibitions. The wallpapers are offered in desktop and mobile formats , depending on the age of the collection.

They are 13 years of exhibitions, the last one was the 2017 edition, because they tend to be published at the end of the year. All collections, including the oldest one, offer high quality fund downloads in multiple resolutions , up to 2560×1400 pixels .

The quality and attractiveness of the images will make it very difficult to choose just one. And, although most of them are illustrations, photomanipulations and abstract art, the most minimalist ones also have some options.

Older exhibitions, like the first of 2005 , are apart from smaller, much simpler ones. Over time, if you look in chronological order, you will see an increase in the supply of funds in both quality and quantity.

You have hundreds of pretty cool images that can add a touch of life to your desktop . If you enjoy this kind of art, I recommend you follow them on Instagram. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to be notified in your email when they launch a new collection.

All they need is to start offering the funds in 4K, hopefully the 2018 collection will do so.

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