SysGauge, a complete alternative system monitor for Windows

The monitors of the system are of great value to know with more or less precision what is happening in our computer and to evaluate its performance. By default we have the Windows Task Manager included, but we can get expanded information through third-party programs. That’s what SysGauge offers us, a configurable system monitor that complements Microsoft’s.

At first glance, the program seems to be a desktop gadget like Windows 7, which disappeared with Windows 8 . In its interface we find use of CPU, memory, a meter of activity of disk, another one of transference in the hard disks and another of transfer of network. So far all normal. It is when we look at their menus that we see that they have much more to offer.

The program at first glance may seem simple and boring, but through the “Command” menu and its “Add Counter” option we find that we can measure practically what we want : how much CPU consumes a particular process, how many processes you have open, a meter reading and writing data on the hard disk … You can even connect to a computer that is in the local network and monitor it.

Once the program is running, the reports it generates can also be saved as HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, TXT and XML documents whenever you deem it appropriate or automatically at regular intervals.

As if this were not enough, with SysGauge you can add one or more conditions to each counter. You can have the program check the current values, the session average, the maximums and minimums of almost any parameter, and execute an action if they are outside a specified range: play a sound, send an email, computer, for example.

The only failure we have seen in our tests was in the “Network Transfer Rate” indicator, which for the “All network cards” option has been permanently zero. Changing the meter to use a specific network adapter solves the problem, but that should not be necessary.

Apart from this, this system monitor has done everything we hoped for and has done with leftovers. If you need a system monitor that offers you a plus then it is worth trying SysGauge.

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