The Stack Overflow calculator that tells you how much you should earn if you are a developer

In Stack Overflow, the popular question and answer network for developers, they have created a salary calculator to help those working in the field of programming know how much they should be earning.

The calculator does not only serve for those who are looking for a job, but for those who offer it, because it allows to find the average of typical salaries according to level of experience, country or city where one lives, specific technologies that the developer handles, and level of education.

At the moment, the tool only lets you look for salaries in five countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany , although they plan to expand it to more countries. If you are not in any of these sites you can get an idea in comparison with the most economically similar region, in addition to putting in perspective some of the best sites in the world to work if you are a developer.

In the case of some cities with a large population of developers that are highly competitive, the calculator offers you an additional filter. The other fields that you must fill out are the work place, and here you can choose up to two. Then you have the educational level, the years of experience and you can add up to five technologies that you manage.

The results will show you the average annual salary of a developer with these characteristics in three different percentiles: less common, the average, and the most common.

You can also add your own information to collaborate and improve the calculator. Your data will remain anonymous. If you want to know more about the methodology used by Stack Overflow to do the calculations, you can read the details in your blog.

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