What Is PTFE?

PTFE is otherwise known as polytetrafluoroethylene. The common name for PTFE-containing formulas is Teflon, a spin-out from DuPont, who first discovered the substance in 1938. PTFE is an excellent choice of plastic because of its durability, flexibility, and chemical stability. Because of its remarkable chemical stability, this polymer material is being widely used in a variety of industries. In addition to being used as a plastic coating, PTFE is also commonly used as a lubricant to ensure that products will last longer and retain their integrity and effectiveness. For more information on PTFE Coating, visit a site like Poeton, suppliers of PTFE Coating.

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The use of PTFE in plastics has been growing in recent years and there are many benefits to using it to manufacture plastic items. A polymer’s ability to resist the elements as well as provide the ideal surface to bond with a particular substance make it one of the most used materials in the world today. Because of this high demand for this polymer, companies have begun to find innovative ways to utilize PTFE.

PTFE is often found in various products from flooring to toys, and even in the lining of cars. Some of the industries where PTFE is being widely used are food and pharmaceuticals. This substance is also being used in some cosmetics because of its many excellent properties such as its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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As soon as PTFE was found, it became apparent that this substance would be very useful in other areas of the industry and is now used widely throughout the world in a variety of products.

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