Winds is an open source feeds reader, powered by AI and with an excellent design

The truth is that despite the disappearance of Google Reader and all the tears that were shed for him, RSS feeds readers is not something that is lacking today. Without doubt one of the most popular is Feedly, but as right here in we have checked before, good alternatives are left over and new projects are always being cooked.

One proof that feed readers still have a lot of life ahead of them and room to improve, is the Winds open source project. Built on React, this reader is shown as a modern and extremely interesting platform. Not only is it open source, but it takes advantage of artificial intelligence to customize your sources and you can also host it yourself.

Winds uses a customization API powered by machine learning called Stream. The goal of this is to build an RSS feed reader that goes beyond simply offering a list of your subscriptions so you can sit down and read. With this artificial intelligence you would get an experience tailored to your needs, with personalized recommendations.

Winds can be hosted by you on your server, but if you want to try it, you can start by choosing some specific topics to help the reader start learning about your interests. You will have to select three topics to follow and there Winds will begin to track how much you interact with the different sources.

Although you have the option to log in with Facebook or your Email, the connection with the social network is not working correctly, so we recommend using your mail. Once inside the application, you can add your own sources by pressing the “+” button and typing the address of the RSS feed. You can also import an OPML file with your list of RSS feeds.

The interface of Winds is very beautiful, it has that style of modern web magazine, the posts are organized by date of publication and relevance. You have buttons to add to favorites and to share on social networks and other places. You can not read inside Winds, just see the title and summary of the articles, clicking on them takes you to the original source.

Winds will not necessarily replace your current feed reader if you’re already too used to it, but it’s a very interesting option with a lot of potential that you might want to try, especially if you’re looking for something that you can host yourself and modify to your liking. You can find the Winds source code on your GitHub page under an MIT license.

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