Holding a Wild West-themed party for New Year’s Eve

A themed party is a great idea for New Year’s Eve, but you will need to get your rodeo bull distributor lined up now if you are planning to have a bucking bronco or rodeo bull on hand for the event!

Wild West-themed party

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Organising the bull

The centrepiece for the event will, of course, be the bucking bronco or rodeo bull. You can hire these for delivery, with children’s options that are smaller and more suitable for young riders. The mechanical bulls come with a themed mattress for falling riders and a great sound effect system to bring the atmosphere of the rodeo to your venue. They provide huge amounts of fun for your guests − as much for the spectators as the riders!

Safety first

The bulls are supplied with professional ride operators to keep an eye on proceedings and check that everything is being operated safely, including controlling the speed and checking that all riders meet the minimum height restriction.

The bull is computerised and suitable for indoors and outdoors, with a range of sizes available. Contact a professional supplier such as http://www.gsrodeobulls.com/ to find out more.

The food and drink

There is no need to stand on ceremony with this party, as you will be looking at Texan-themed portions of burgers, chilli, fries, ribs and coleslaw. Fill guests up with tortilla chips and dips and have plenty of punch and soft drinks alongside the beer. Tacos are a great choice, as are fajitas and plenty of southern spicy fries with salsa and sour cream dips. Remember that people are likely to get thirsty as a result of the bucking bronco and the dancing, so have lots of fresh limes with fizzy water, carbonated drinks and punch to quench their thirst. Supply cocktails or beer for the drinkers.

Rounding off the entertainment

Don’t forget to end the event with a country dance-off or line dance − teach everyone the steps and clear the dance floor for some real fun! You could also hire some inflatables − perhaps themed ones to include cowboy horses and cactuses − and even bring in a croupier to play some cowboy-style card games at the ‘saloon’! If you feel adventurous and have your ear plugs ready, you could even do a country-themed karaoke at the end to some Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash tracks!

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