Understanding the BBPA − VisitEngland pub quality scheme

Tourism promoter VisitEngland and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) have joined forces to give recognition to pubs in England that achieve high quality standards. The scheme is aimed at increasing quality standards in the hospitality sector, with the pubs that reach or exceed the standards gaining a VisitEngland accreditation.

Understanding the BBPA

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A great British icon

There is no doubt that the British pub is an iconic feature of our heritage and landscape. According to VisitEngland, pubs offer something uniquely English and are often identified as a major attraction of an English holiday. They also contribute economically; therefore, introducing a scheme to measure the standards of pubs can bolster visitor numbers and income.

How the scheme works

To take part in the scheme, pubs − either with or without accommodation − will need to pay an annual fee. An expert assessor will then make a mystery visit to the pub and rate it according to a number of factors, covering the visitor experience from start to finish. Aspects such as the welcome received, the quality of service, cleanliness and food standards will all be under scrutiny, with the scores achieved determining whether a pub is worthy of the prestigious VisitEngland accreditation. Top performers in specific areas will also gain recognition with a special award.

Advice and guidance

Help is at hand for pubs that like the idea of taking part in the scheme but may not be sure what is required to meet the standards. VisitEngland has issued a handy user guide that gives information about the scheme, how the scoring works, and how pubs can improve their standards and quality of service.

From how to improve customer service skills to increasing hygiene and food safety standards by investing in a commercial freezer from a specialist such as FFD Ltd or revisiting the food on offer on a menu, there are countless ways in which a participating pub can boost its standards in preparation for assessment.

Why the scheme matters

Both VisitEngland and the BBPA believe this scheme will give merit and recognition to pubs that achieve high standards, while also helping to raise standards across the board throughout the country. The iconic British pub will be held in even higher regard by both visitors from the UK and overseas, proving a great asset to the local and wider economy.

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