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Category : Technology News

Nearly 9 months ago

YouTube is the king of the internet: 85 out of 100 young Americans ages 13 to 17 use it

It does not matter if the live streaming of Twitch platforms grows, even when what is broadcast is absolute nothingness . It does not matter all the

Nearly 9 months ago

What is and how to remove ‘mshelper’ malware on the Mac so that it does not kill your CPU

A new malware has become popular in recent days among users of macOS. It is ‘mshelper’, a small tool that makes the Mac hot and consumes more energy

Nearly 10 months ago

Vulnerability of remote code execution in Electron, framework used by WhatsApp, Skype, Slack or WordPress

Electron, a framework created by GitHub and used for the creation of cross-platform desktop applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, WordPress, Visual Studio Code, Discord, Atom

Nearly 10 months ago

QOwnNotes is a powerful open-source and synchronized text editor and task manager with synchronization

Perhaps a more text editor does not attract attention. Not even if it incorporates task management. But if it is QOwnNotes , which in addition to being an

Nearly 10 months ago

How to activate the new Gmail: these are its main novelties

A few days ago leaked the new design of Gmail, we expected a change that was announced at Google I / O . Well, no, Google has chosen today

Nearly 10 months ago

Beyond Flickr: 5 services to publish your photos

A few years ago, Flickr was the reference place to publish your photographs on the Internet . With the passage of time, photography lovers have been choosing

Nearly 11 months ago

If you are looking for the perfect wallpaper you should take a walk through the Desktopography exhibitions

Desktopography is an old, old, old, but good, good, good place. If you are one of those weird (like me) fans of personalization , maybe you know him. The

Nearly 11 months ago

Microsoft blocks all security updates for Windows 7 and 8.1 if you do not have an antivirus

The crisis of the processors by the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities has complicated the lives of many people, especially the technology companies responsible for software used by

Nearly 11 months ago

Google wants its fast charging web technology to become a standard

In October 2015, Google presented a project called Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP , for short. An initiative aimed at making web content of all kinds of publications load

Nearly 12 months ago

Photos of Windows 10 will include ‘Timeline’, new gallery and audio import for video editing according to a filtration

Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft will announce very soon new features for the application Photos of Windows 10 , according to a filtration of the Italian site Aggiornamenti