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Category : Technology News

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Use your phone or tablet as an extra screen on your computer

Those of us who spend most of the day in front of our computer, many times we look to the side and see our phone

Nearly 3 weeks ago

The end of BIOS nears: Intel will eliminate support in 2020

In the era of smartphones, tablets and MacBooks it seems that BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) is something that is part of a

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Being a phishing victim is 400 times more dangerous than being part of a data breach

Google has published the results of a study in which they evaluated the risks of the theft of credentials on the Internet. Over the course of a year,

Nearly 1 month ago

Ubuntu 17.10, when you get back to your roots you feel good

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark was released last week. With the beginning of this new stage in which Unity is left behind and Canonical’s ideas of convergence that never came, there are

Nearly 2 months ago

You can now download Ubuntu 17.10, welcome the return of GNOME

This has been an interesting week for desktop operating systems, we started with a new version of Windows 10, and we can be closed with

Nearly 2 months ago

Gone, a minimalist task manager that requires you to complete them in 24 hours

There are hundreds of systems and applications that will help us be more productive in our day to day. Today we are going to analyze a somewhat different option,

Nearly 2 months ago

jDownloader: 11 tricks to take advantage of direct downloads to the maximum

jDownloader is one of the oldest and most used download managers. It became especially popular in the golden age of direct downloads, when the old Rapidshare

Nearly 2 months ago

The Stack Overflow calculator that tells you how much you should earn if you are a developer

In Stack Overflow, the popular question and answer network for developers, they have created a salary calculator to help those working in the field of programming know

Nearly 2 months ago

The best extensions for Opera focused on productivity

Opera is an excellent browser that receives much less love than it deserves. We’ve talked about it before, it’s one of the best alternatives

Nearly 3 months ago

Hackers can use your Fitbit to spy on you

People who use wearables in their day to day know that they are very good at helping them to stay more active, keep track of the