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Category : Technology News

Nearly 2 days ago

Bill Gates believes that artificial intelligence can be our friend and good for society

While Elon Musk does not stop insisting that artificial intelligence is going to kill humanity , which is more dangerous than North Korea and plunges into twittering debates accusing

Nearly 3 weeks ago

How to hide your Instagram photos without having to erase them

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and many people take maximum care of the type of publications associated with their account. If you’re wondering how

Nearly 1 month ago

Twitter is set on Snapchat to improve the experience when sharing videos

Twitter development teams are working on a new feature to share video from mobile applications with an experience similar to that offered by Snapchat, as published today

Nearly 2 months ago

The seven best exercises you can do in the gym with a bar

At the time of exercising in the gym, dumbbells and kettlebells with the accessories most demanded by most people for its easy handling and the ability

Nearly 2 months ago

Small channels now have it more complicated to make money on YouTube

Finally, the rumors that we have heard in the last week have come true. YouTube has launched a statement announcing major changes to the platform, something that will affect

Nearly 2 months ago

Meltdown and Specter: Mozilla confirms that an attack based on JavaScript is possible

A few hours ago we knew the vulnerabilities of Specter and Meltdown, two worrying weaknesses in the processors that could leave our private information in

Nearly 3 months ago

Kodi 64-bit for Windows is already a full version and also comes to Xbox One for the first time

While the first alpha of Kodi for Xbox One makes its arrival, Windows users can finally install a 64-bit version with full functionality and at the same

Nearly 3 months ago

The best apps you can install on your new Windows 10 computer

If you were given a gift, or you have used the dates to give yourself a new computer, or have just made a new installation

Nearly 4 months ago

Firefox Quantum is fast and its growth too, 170 million installations in less than a month

Firefox Quantum was released on November 14 with great fanfare. It is the most important version of the Mozilla browser in a few years, is with

Nearly 4 months ago

Use your phone or tablet as an extra screen on your computer

Those of us who spend most of the day in front of our computer, many times we look to the side and see our phone