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Category : Technology News

Nearly 1 day ago

jDownloader: 11 tricks to take advantage of direct downloads to the maximum

jDownloader is one of the oldest and most used download managers. It became especially popular in the golden age of direct downloads, when the old Rapidshare

Nearly 1 week ago

The Stack Overflow calculator that tells you how much you should earn if you are a developer

In Stack Overflow, the popular question and answer network for developers, they have created a salary calculator to help those working in the field of programming know

Nearly 2 weeks ago

The best extensions for Opera focused on productivity

Opera is an excellent browser that receives much less love than it deserves. We’ve talked about it before, it’s one of the best alternatives

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Hackers can use your Fitbit to spy on you

People who use wearables in their day to day know that they are very good at helping them to stay more active, keep track of the

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Nearly 4 weeks ago

How to install ‘Precision Touchpad’ on your Windows 10 laptop and have a touch panel that works well

One of the pending subjects of laptops with Windows has always been the precision and operation of touchpads and trackpads, especially when compared with those

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Nearly 2 months ago

A Brief History of How TVs Came to Be

We love our televisions. Whether it’s the kids watching cartoons, a Friday night film or catching up on our favourite soaps – you’d be

Nearly 2 months ago

If your Mac does not have stickers from Intel Inside it’s thanks to Steve Jobs

Anyone who has used a PC will have noticed almost immediately one thing: all of them come, almost without exception, with the typical Intel Inside

Nearly 2 months ago

A new vulnerability can make Mirai infections permanent

Surely many of you will remember when at the end of last year the Mirai botnet wreaked havoc across the entire world. It seemed that in the matter

Nearly 3 months ago

A special feature of Intel CPUs is being exploited by cyberespies to steal data

The Microsoft security team has discovered a family of malware used by a prominent cyber-espionage group called PLATINUM, which takes advantage of an Intel

Nearly 3 months ago

KDE Plasma 5.10 has been released and looks pretty phenomenal

If a desktop environment in Linux has been talking about its constant improvements and great attention to design, has been the veteran KDE, and now