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Category : Technology News

Nearly 3 weeks ago

Seven free tools to safely erase your HDD or SSD hard drives

Over the years and computers, many of us tend to go by storing several old hard disks in a drawer or a closet. Too old and too

Nearly 4 weeks ago

Eleven content aggregators to find out everything that happens on the web

There was a time in which to discover content on the Internet the most normal thing was that someone recommended you a site or

Nearly 1 month ago

7 concert alert services from your favorite music groups

Whether you’re a regular concert attendant or not, you’re sure to never want to miss out on your favorite live band. And considering that 2017

Nearly 2 months ago

Skype continues to improve its alpha for Linux, and adds SMS sending and improvements in identification

Since Microsoft announced in summer its new Skype client for GNU / Linux distributions has been improving it with new updates every few weeks. With this they are progressing

Nearly 2 months ago

How to create a mobile app without knowing how to program

Today there are different services and online platforms that allow you to create products without the extensive knowledge that was required to do so. Such is the

Nearly 3 months ago

TeamViewer: 11 tricks and some extra to take advantage of this remote control utility to the maximum

TeamViewer is one of the most well-known remote control solutions; A tool that can be useful both for those who dedicate themselves to the technical support of users in a professional

Nearly 3 months ago

How to upload photos to Instagram from your computer, schedule them or create stories

In October of last year Instagram finally launched its official universal application for Windows 10. With it has managed to complete its ecosystem so that users of desktop

Nearly 4 months ago

Task Manager Deluxe, a portable and more complete alternative to Windows Task Manager

The task manager is one of those tools that most take for granted, and the truth is that many times can be really useful depending on the

Nearly 4 months ago

The biggest fraud to date, false pages and a botnet to steal $180 million

Every time we hear more about security issues related to digital data, the clearest example is Yahoo and its more than 1.5 billion stolen accounts. Another example is that

Nearly 4 months ago

DARPA partners with two companies to make its darknet searcher stronger

In 2014 the agency DARPA announced a revolutionary program oriented to Internet searches. This program is known as Memex, and as collected in DeepDotWeb you can find hidden services in