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Category : Technology News

Nearly 5 days ago

SysGauge, a complete alternative system monitor for Windows

The monitors of the system are of great value to know with more or less precision what is happening in our computer and to

Nearly 2 weeks ago

Special for stalkers, here you find all the public information of a Facebook profile that the network does not show

You’ve been using it for four, five, six years or more. In all that time the social network has accumulated an uncountable amount of information about

Nearly 1 month ago

Watts is the scalable battery for the home that wants to help in the adoption of renewable energies

The best option for those who own a solar panel installation in their home or small windmills is to have a battery to store all this

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Nearly 1 month ago

How is being used to share series and ripped movies, despite not being a method with true value, has become one of the star portals when it comes to channeling citizens requests on multiple issues. The mechanics

Nearly 2 months ago

How to remove the password from a PDF file

PDF files are a very common option when looking at documents online. They are easy to generate (some office programs like LibreOffice allow export directly to this

Nearly 2 months ago

Lavabit secure email service resurges from its ashes

Maybe some Lavabit mail service does not ring you. It may seem to those who do sound like something that was already far away in

Nearly 2 months ago

Apple believes that WebGL is outdated, and proposes the creation of a new standard for 3D on the web

Apple’s WebKit development team has suggested to the World Wide Web Consortium that it is time to discuss the future of 3D graphics on the web. To

Nearly 3 months ago

Microsoft launches new Windows 10 beta full of new features in its design, Edge and Cortana

Follow the countdown for the release of the update Creators Update of Windows 10, and to ease the wait Microsoft continues to launch new betas

Nearly 3 months ago

How to play the PlayStation 4 from your computer

With the new generation of consoles, the eternal battle between its users and PC gamers has taken on a new dimension. Both the Xbox One

Nearly 3 months ago

Microsoft declares false rumors: It will not end with the Windows command prompt

One of Microsoft’s developers, Rich Turner, has been told in a post on the company’s blog. After receiving thousands of tweets from concerned users and even messages