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Category : Technology News

Nearly 2 days ago

If your Mac does not have stickers from Intel Inside it’s thanks to Steve Jobs

Anyone who has used a PC will have noticed almost immediately one thing: all of them come, almost without exception, with the typical Intel Inside

Nearly 2 weeks ago

A new vulnerability can make Mirai infections permanent

Surely many of you will remember when at the end of last year the Mirai botnet wreaked havoc across the entire world. It seemed that in the matter

Nearly 3 weeks ago

A special feature of Intel CPUs is being exploited by cyberespies to steal data

The Microsoft security team has discovered a family of malware used by a prominent cyber-espionage group called PLATINUM, which takes advantage of an Intel

Nearly 4 weeks ago

KDE Plasma 5.10 has been released and looks pretty phenomenal

If a desktop environment in Linux has been talking about its constant improvements and great attention to design, has been the veteran KDE, and now

Nearly 2 months ago

Instagram aims to be the Frankenstein of social networks

It seems that it was yesterday when Instagram announced the arrival of Stories, its own system of ephemeral photos and videos copied directly from Snapchat. The CEO

Nearly 2 months ago

Standard Notes, a minimalist, cross-platform and open source notes app focused on privacy

Applications to take and manage notes is not something that is currently lacking. In fact, there are so many that the hard part is choosing one and staying

Nearly 3 months ago

Intel sells Intel Security, which will be renamed McAfee and be an independent company

In 2010 Intel bought McAfee, the popular antivirus company, for 7.680 million dollars. His intention was to position himself as a company interested in security, but

Nearly 3 months ago

Winds is an open source feeds reader, powered by AI and with an excellent design

The truth is that despite the disappearance of Google Reader and all the tears that were shed for him, RSS feeds readers is not something that

Nearly 4 months ago

Obsolete libraries and a disorganized ecosystem: The serious JavaScript problems

Whenever we talk about security on the Internet we remember Flash Player, and how its multiple vulnerabilities have reduced it to “only” 10% of the main

Nearly 4 months ago

Plex Cloud, this is how streaming works from your OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox account

Plex Cloud has officially left the beta phase and is now available to all Plex Pass users. If you do not know what it is, it