The Latest Van Theft Statistics to Know

It is an unfortunate fact that van theft is on the increase. Whether it is theft of vehicles or equipment inside, it is common to hear about the latest van theft in your street, neighbourhood or town. If you own a van, you may worry about the possibility of having it stolen. Here are the latest van theft statistics you need to know.

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Builders’ Vans Are a Top Target

Those in the building trade are the most likely to have their vans targeted by thieves, closely followed by trades such as electricians. This is due to the potential of having powered tools inside, which thieves can sell for a high price.

London Is the Top Area for Van Theft

It is not surprising that more populated areas see the most van theft, and London comes out on top in the UK for this type of crime. Boroughs such as Barnet, Enfield and Waltham Forest are the areas most affected. According to the Mail Online , £21.4 million worth of tools were stolen from vans in London over a 12 month period.

Van Theft Is Rising

In 2015, there were around 12 vans stolen every day in the UK. By 2021, this figure rose to 35. The most common van targeted by thieves is the Mercedes Sprinter, closely followed by Ford Transits.

Preventing Van Theft

Whether you are looking for used vans for sale Worcester or new vans in Plymouth, protecting your vehicle and its contents is a top priority. Always park in well-lit areas, make sure to lock your van and do not leave expensive tools inside overnight.

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Buying a used van may give you more peace of mind that it won’t be as appealing for vehicle thieves as a new van. More information about buying used vans can be found at However, newer vehicles may be better equipped with alarms and other security devices.

Van theft is a common occurrence that all owners should be aware of. Always take the necessary precautions to look after your vehicle to minimise the risk of theft in your area.

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