Car Insurance: 10 questions and answers

What do you know about car insurance? We bring you 10 questions and answers on our blog engine. When you are thinking of hiring car insurance we can arise many doubts. In this article we show 10 typical questions that we usually make us with answers.

10 questions and answers about car insurance

10 questions and answers about car insurance you have to take into account are…Car Insurance 10 questions and answers

  1. Is it mandatory to have car insurance?

There is the obligation to take out liability insurance stipulated by legislation. A driver without car insurance will be fined and in some cases, you can immobilize the car.

  1. What is car insurance?

It is an agreement established between the company’s insurance and the insured (the policyholder or the policyholder). The insured receives a premium payable mandatory coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage.

  1. How is the premium price determined?

The premium is the price of insurance. It will take into account age, sex, marital status of the insured, where the vehicle, driving record, the make and model of the car, prior insurance coverage and kilometers that are performed each year is saved. When it is determined its value must be added taxes to have the final price to be paid by the insured.

  1. How often the insurance is paid?

The insured can choose the method of payment: quarterly, annual or what chooses.

  1. How I can reduce the premium?

Insurance companies use every so often discounts or special prices to attract customers. Keep in mind that premiums vary and are updated according to statistics.

  1. What to consider when hiring car insurance?

Read the entire policy carefully and do not forget to put next to the car papers and other documents such as invoices or specifications that are useful in case of disaster. Before opting for insurance, compare prices distant companies, ask to be satisfied.

  1. How long does an insurance company vehicle to compensate a loss?

Within a maximum period of 40 days from receipt of the claim form you will have to make available to the insured the minimum amount of what it might owe. You should know that there are cases not covered by car insurance.

  1. What are the costs for expert opinions on car insurance?

This is what takes an expert to do work. If there is no agreement on the valuation of a claim and you have to hire experts, each party must pay the costs of the expert.

  1. If I sell my car and want to cancel the insurance but I still have a few months to expire. Do I get that proportion?

No, since the premium is unique, just gives it back if the insurer wants to do but is not required.

  1. If I buy a new car, who covers me from the dealership to my house?

You must purchase insurance before using the vehicle.

What do you think these 10 questions and answers about car insurance?

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