The players with the most titles in the world

Want to know who the players with the most titles in the world? The contentious landscape often changes often, we have seen changes in ATP No. 1 ranking, but there is something you never forget and always remains: the titles achieved over the years. So from our blog let’s give you know who the tennis players who more titles harvested today.

The players with the most titles in the worldWho are the players with the most titles in the world?

To know who the players who accumulate more titles worldwide, pay attention to the following names:

Jimmy Connors: 109 titles

It will be hard to beat Jimmy Connors which currently holds the record for the player with the most titles in the world. The US has 109 official titles, being the only player in this sport that has surpassed the barrier of 100. He was 24 years playing tennis professionally and even won awards in all the major tournaments, most are minor categories.

Ivan Lendl: 94 titles

Czech Ivan Lendl is the pursuer of Jimmy Connors although it never reached the barrier of 100 and stayed with a track record of 94 official titles. He won 8 Grand Slam (as Connors) adding at least one trophy for 14 consecutive years and can boast of having been 270 weeks at No. 1 ATP ranking.

Roger Federer: 82 titles

Roger Federer, at 33, remains one of the players with the most titles in the world . Claims to have been leading the ATP rankings for 302 weeks, with the record to date, and to have on your shelf 17 Grand Slam trophies. For now he achieved 81 official titles, which we must now add the recently achieved in Brasilea where you just consecrating as the tournament champion.

John McEnroe: 77 titles

In the fourth position of the players with the most titles in the world is John McEnroe who excelled in the sport between 1978 and 1992 managed to grab 77 singles titles including seven Grand Slam found. McEnroe has the honor of having been, along with Swedish Stefan Edberg, at number 1 both in the individual mode and doubles at the same time.

Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Rafael Nadal: 64 titles

Closing our top 5 players with more titles have a three -way tie. Bjorn Borg by a party amassing record at Roland Garros and Wimbledon until the subsequent arrival of Nadal and Federer, respectively. Pete Sampras, on the other hand, managed to be 102 weeks at No. 1 ATP ranking winning 14 Grand Slam throughout his career.

And finally we talk about our most international tennis player today: Rafa Nadal.The Spaniard also has 64 titles, equaling Pete Sampras who won 14 Grand Slam and staying only 3 Roger Federer. He has played almost 200 matches and Rafa Nadal will certainly active, since it is still young to put on your showcase more trophies.

What do you think of this list on the players with the most titles in the world ?

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