4 showing symptoms that are not well do things in corporate communication

Corporate communication is a critical part of the strategies of brands, whether it is done within the firm as if left in the hands of third externally. Communication serves not only ‘to appear in the media’ (which is what everyone sees clearly and waiting almost obsessively) but also to create brand, to establish valuable relationships with journalists and influencers or to your brand ‘sound’ (sometimes is not so much getting your press release appears in 20 headers and 20 journalists which you have added to your list of contacts and brands that can draw).

Despite its importance, corporate communication does not always receive the care that is owed and not always maintained with all interest should. Brands do not always monitor what is done must be done to achieve the best results and, above all, to avoid making blunders that can have a highly negative impact on the results. Failure is quite easy and the impact of these failures can be really grim. In MarketingProfs they have selected four (but quite common) basic flaws that show that they are not doing their homework in corporate communication.

4 showing symptoms that are not well do things in corporate communicationMode in which it is written is not Care

Or, to change, both grammar and spelling leave much to be desired. The question is not to become a Taliban language issues, but the brand cannot allow their professional communication and public relations make mistakes in this area. First, the actions of these workers will have a direct impact on the way in which the mark is and will change the perception that it has among those who receive the message. Secondly, the idea to be created associated with that message is that the brand is sloppy, inefficient and, above all, hardly professional.

What is the recommendation to be followed? The main thing is to read after write and re-read to verify that they have not made major mistakes. The list of essential they have done in the analysis covers the emails, which should be kept in form and substance (must be clear why that is sent that mail); the site of the brand, which must take into account that what is being released to the world is what will create the brand image; accounts or social networking spaces that must be very clear line between staff ‘give it a personal touches’.

The others are bad

One of the common faults that are committed when making public relations is to focus too much on others, according conclude in MarketingProfs, and, as you remember, one thing to have competitive spirit and another the go all the time throwing stones the roof of the neighbor. Thus, when creating a strategy and implement it has to severely limit the impact statements against others. You cannot make everything hold the product is ‘better than the competition’. We must create solid arguments and you have to hold the product itself. At the end of the day, this will show that the agency is really professional and make things look a lot more seriously.

Moreover, the communication department has to ‘train’ the other departments so that this border will never be crossed. We must make it clear to the speakers who cannot enter the cloth and ‘loaded’ to competition in events and meetings with media and must be well trained those responsible for social networks not to discuss the mistake of launching to criticize the other at every opportunity.

Just talking and never listen

One of the mistakes that usually fall when making corporate communication is to focus on what you have to say and forget what others want to contribute. At the end of the day, work that one has is to have the things that the mark in question wants to tell, which makes it seem clear and apparent that what matters is the message itself. Stay with that is wrong and can push the brand strategy to failure.

On the one hand, the work of the department of communication is much broader than that. A good professional in the industry must be able to anticipate problems, to solve them or know what will prevail in the near future. You have to know what will be tomorrow’s talks. On the other, listening is very important in establishing relationships with the media. Have to know very well who his interlocutor, what matters and what does not and almost anticipate your needs.

Its capabilities as communication is concerned are very poor

If you are not a patient person, you should not become a waiter. If you are not able to communicate, you should not work in corporate communication. As pointed out in the analysis, it can not work in corporate communication being rude, feeling superior or patronizing. With such behavior, only you get to feel uncomfortable and annoying to all parties involved and ballasting brand image. The question is not only education and attitude, but also knowing how to present what you have to say and to know how to build stories that make everything more attractive, more interesting and to understand the way that is expected to be done.

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