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What is challenging behaviour

Challenging behaviour can refer to any kind of action that is disruptive, dangerous or even harmful to an individual displaying it.  it can be manifesting many ways this can vary from physical attacks to...


An Introduction to Scalp Micropigmentation

Skin micropigmentation (SMP) gives the appearance of fuller hair or a more complete hairline. It is a non-surgical procedure where an electronic tattoo device is used to penetrate the skin on the scalp, to...

Ideas For Playground Themes 0

Ideas For Playground Themes

Themed playgrounds are a great way to encourage imagination, creativity and physical activity. Choosing a theme for your next playground may prove to be a fun project.


The pros and cons of living in Oxford

Situated 50 miles west of London, the city of Oxford is one of England’s most famous cities and is known throughout the world for its university. It is certainly diverse and historic, but what...


What to consider when buying cards

In any given year millions of cards will be given to loved ones and friends across the country. These can be given for a number of different reasons. From birthday and Christmas cards through...


From biking to caravans

There are many different reasons why mountain biking is good for you. One of the biggest benefits is that it will allow you to get a lot more exercise, which will help with both...


How knitting can support your health

Knitting is a craft that has been passed down through generations of hundreds of years. It has gained an increase in popularity over recent years, with more and more celebrities becoming vocal about their...