What Services Do Private Paramedics Provide?

EMS or Emergency Medical Services is a field of pre-hospital care that encompasses the collection and transport of injured patients to hospitals for evaluation and treatment. Depending on the local circumstances, these services may be provided by a government-run municipality, a non-profit corporation, an independent ambulance service or private for-profit companies. While each type has its own unique characteristics, most EMS organisations have the same basic operational structure.

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The organisation will employ a team of medical professionals that are trained to assess and treat patients with various types of injuries and illnesses. These professionals are known as EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and paramedics.

EMTs and paramedics are equipped to administer a variety of lifesaving procedures including cardiac monitoring, chest pain assessment, breathing assistance, wound care and more. They are also able to use diagnostic tools such as blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters. These vital signs are used to evaluate a patient’s condition and determine if a trip to the hospital is necessary. When requiring medics for Event Medical Cover, consider a site such as https://privateparamedicservices.co.uk/event-medical-cover

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The EMT will also be responsible for dispatching the appropriate vehicle and ensuring that all required medical equipment is on board the ambulance. For example, if the caller has an asthma attack, the EMT will ensure that the ambulance is stocked with inhalers. In addition, a medical history will be obtained and the dispatcher will make arrangements for the ambulance to pick up the patient and take them to the hospital.

Non-emergency medical transportation, or convalescent transport, is also available for those who are too sick to travel on their own. This is often a scheduled trip to or from a hospital, skilled nursing facility, dialysis clinic or home health care provider. The patient can be accompanied by family members or friends or can travel alone in a privately owned ambulance.

In some smaller communities, a local ambulance service will only be able to provide transport services within a certain radius of their headquarters. This may be a result of limited resources or a lack of the ability to meet the needs of the community. In these cases, the EMS system will usually partner with other private ambulance services to meet this need.


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