Getting into the Christmas Spirit

If you’ve ever been tasked with organising a work do, or perhaps even the Christmas do, you probably already know that this is no straightforward task. Firstly, you have to find a date that suits, and even this is never easy. However, you will eventually manage to find a date that most people can do. And then come the requests. “I’m a vegetarian.” “I don’t like turkey.” “Can we go somewhere really lively?” “I don’t like noisy places.” It’s a minefield. So maybe it’s time to think outside the ‘turkey box’. You’ll probably find that most people would prioritise good food and a lively atmosphere over turkey or its vegetarian equivalent. Have you thought instead about meal at one of the Italian restaurants in Dublin, for example? Italian restaurants have a reputation for being fun and lively and, importantly, good value for money, which is precisely what you want out of your work do.

Christmas Spirit

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The Price Is Right

It’s true that as chief organiser you have to keep people’s requests in mind, especially for those who have specific dietary requirements. And you definitely have to be thinking about the cost, because quite often something happens at Christmas time. Eating out seems to double in price and, very often, the food is rather unremarkable.

Most people will tell you that they’ve had some very ordinary traditional and possibly costly Christmas lunches when eating out. And this isn’t the time of year to be going for a very expensive meal, as it will put people off coming – not exactly part of the Christmas spirit.

Location, Location, Location

And last but not least, give a thought to the location. Yes, it needs to be reasonably convenient for as many of you as possible, but sometimes it’s worth a short journey to get what you want. A city centre eatery, such as, is a good choice, because you can always go for a drink at a bar beforehand, and those that want to continue the festivities afterwards can do so easily, if you’re lucky enough not to have to stagger back to the office, that is.

But with a little bit of considered planning and an element of research, overpriced and perhaps average food doesn’t have to be the fate of your Christmas do. Your colleagues will thank you for it.

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